Hot Topics in Sports Training: Advice for Runners from Dr. Robert O’Leary

Each year adult runners decide to train for a marathon, participants are sustaining injuries at a higher rate than ever before. Read More…

Treating and Preventing Arthritis Pain

Treatment options used by Dr. O’Leary to help manage arthritis may include a combination of the following:   Proper exercises performed on a daily basis are an important part of arthritis treatment. They help build and preserve muscle strength, keep joints flexible, and help protect joints from further damage. Done carefully and regularly, certain isometric (non-movement) […]

Developing a Treatment That’s Right for You

Information is readily available on the way to stop back pain. The challenge is to tailor it to the particular patient. For example, it’s often said that swimming is good for the back. But which stroke? And how often? Strengthening the abdominal muscles is also commonly ordered for low back pain. But how is this […]

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Robert O’Leary, D.O.,  Pain Specialist Physician

Pain management specialist

Helping to keep you pain free and active

Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians  or physiatrists, keep people as active as possible for as long as possible. Their broad expertise and training enable them to treat a range of illness and injuries throughout a person’s lifetime.  Dr. O’Leary provides care when you need a medical doctor who is an expert at diagnosing and treating pain, restores maximum function lost through injury, illness or disabling conditions, treats the whole person and not just the problem area, leads a team of medical professionals, provides non-surgical treatments, explaining the medical problem and treatment plan clearly and working not only on treatment but also prevention.  Our goal is 100% pain free without surgery or narcotics

Osteopath, Dr O'Leary, Naples, Florida for pain management

Pain Specialist Physician
Diagnosis & Treatments

We focus on a comprehensive patient exam to determine an accurate diagnosis and then develop a custom treatment regime utilizing both tried and true as well as cutting edge techniques.  None of these rely on surgery or narcotics.  Keep playing golf and tennis!

Non Surgical Pain Treaments


Board Certified in Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehab

Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular Medicine


Dr. O’Leary is a musculoskeletal and neuromuscular physician with advanced training and experience using the latest technologies in Electrodiagnostic testing for carpal tunnel, sciatica and peripheral neuropathy as well as musculoskeletal ultrasound guided injection’s for tendon, joint and spine procedures.


Treating the Whole Body
Not Just the Symptoms


Perhaps his greatest ability is that of diagnosing the true genesis of pain and dysfunction so as to best treat the malady instead of just the symptom.

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